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Regexp… resources

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Java -> Lombok : No more boilerplate code :D

I’ll keep an eye on this:

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« Understanding your data » – is it relationnal or « blob (document) » oriented storage ?

Understanding (foreseeing…) your clients/users data real use is a key to your software developpment and scalability. this is well illustrated by an an article I came across that analyses a real case of bad use for mongoDB since the data dealt with was quite relationnal… getting the project « back » to postgreSQL after some time in production:

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JQuery – only when required :D

Interesting website :

This might allow one to build a light alternative to JQuery in some cases (or just use POJS = PLain Old JavaScript… :-P).

Following the same idea, Daniel Davis provided a light library enabling core features of Bootstrap 2  without the overhead of jquery :


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RIS : Lexical Scanning in Go – Rob Pike

see :

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online code testing

Way to go :

Supported languages (as documented to this day)  :



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NICKEL : La résurrection des buralistes ? A bank account… without a bank!

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Shadow DOM

Interesting places to start with that subject :

including a link to a Shadow DOM visualizer :

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Un moteur de recherche français !! ?? (A French search engine)

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Polymer… JS not chemistry

where to start :

other resources:


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