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Java – bit operations… on integers….


« manual conversions decimal/base 2 »:

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Windows : restore and copy

In case I need it one day…

Here is the link :

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Hierarchical Enum in Java

Note that post was written in 2010 :

Might be worth to re-explore the idea with new Java versions…

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JSON LD : linking data through the web…

Places to start with…

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DOCKER – or app in a box / box handling environment

Start here :

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IE11 – compatibility mode… for legacy applications

Here is a place to start with :

In a few words : can be set through

  • « http header » – or –
  • within the application HTML code with meta tags

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cryptographie et quantique…

kesako ? vous vous dites à l’intitulé de cet article.

Source :

trouvé via :

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MAC : Mavericks restoration bootable USB drive

Here is how I did it (Terminal command line is the way to go – format the disk first and name it as you wish -> replace « Untiltled » in the command line by the name of your drive) : 

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JS the right way…

we’ll have a look …

Other such resources:

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JS V, MVC, two way binding frameworks…

Ember, Angular (Backbone –  no two way binding ?)


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