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Angular Grid story …

Keeping an eye on it…

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Le web : aujourd’hui et demain…

Dans le navigateur…

Web Components, EcmaSCript 6, Angular JS, etc.

« Applications webisées » :

Ressources à noter au passage :

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JSON LD : linking data through the web…

Places to start with…

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IE11 – compatibility mode… for legacy applications

Here is a place to start with :

In a few words : can be set through

  • « http header » – or –
  • within the application HTML code with meta tags

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JS the right way…

we’ll have a look …

Other such resources:

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JS V, MVC, two way binding frameworks…

Ember, Angular (Backbone –  no two way binding ?)


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JQuery – only when required :D

Interesting website :

This might allow one to build a light alternative to JQuery in some cases (or just use POJS = PLain Old JavaScript… :-P).

Following the same idea, Daniel Davis provided a light library enabling core features of Bootstrap 2  without the overhead of jquery :


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Shadow DOM

Interesting places to start with that subject :

including a link to a Shadow DOM visualizer :

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Polymer… JS not chemistry

where to start :

other resources:


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