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AngularJS resources…

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GRUNT or GULP – still to be investigated…

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Classic’JS : local storage

A few libraries


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Classis’JS : AngularJS back history directive

Angular JS directive :

Source  (Darren) :

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Classic’CSS : no selection highlighting (buttons)

All of the correct CSS variations are:


More information can be found here.


source :

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Classic’bug: Angular UI Pager directive from 0.10.0 to 0.11.0

Main difference to point-out is that the model is bound to « page » attribute in 0.10.0 version and « ng-model » 0.11.0 version.

« Source » :

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Classic’bug : IE8/IE9 compatibility mode

In some companies, IE8 or IE9 is still being used – maybe by some individuals as well.

Some pages do not render correctly because of compatibility mode issues, here is a place to start with :

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Tomcat needs larger permgen…

try this


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