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Easy Pudding – lovely!

My wife made that one the other day -> chocolate version, was yummy!

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HACK : Pas sage en seine

à voir…

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Veille techno – ce que je voudrais dans mon ordinateur protable…

[ c’est mon 100ème article :-) mine de rien…]

> Samsung XP941 : SSD au format PCI-Express pour Ultrabooks, 1.4 Go/s, 6 grammes ?

note sur les formats de SSD :

> USB 3.5 ou thunderbolt ??

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Always loved this language,
but could never tell why!

Should be my natural one.
It feels like it should be!

It’s still a mystery,
that tongue adopted me.

Even with simple words,
It feels more true, more real

When it comes to talking
about my deeper needs.

I don’t know if that’s fair
to my country, my birth

But I can’t nor will try
to change that I like it!

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